“No expenditure unless, only mandatory budgeting and planning,” Kenneth Lusaka


While at the county government offices at Bungoma, the governor gave his speech on the
suspension of the four county chief officers who were accused of graft allegations. Governor Lusaka
gave his clear guidelines and directions concerning budget expenditure use in the county. He gave
budget expenditures which were used in an improper way claiming he was not concerned of the
‘Following the release of the executive order number 1 of 2022, the preliminary information for
ongoing reconciliation indicates that there is need for deliberate measures to provide guidelines on
the transactions operations. I have observed that the below stated budget appropriation Act and
compliance requirement and it has created a risk’, the Governor said.
The governor gave out a list of the four county chief officers, saying they are suspended until further
notice. He went forward naming persons whom will fill the vacant positions left out by the
suspended county officers. He said investigations are going to be conducted out on the accused graft
allegations of the four officers, then the office will decide if they will get back to their positions or
The governor urged all county officers to involve him in matters concerning budget expenditures in
the county. He said he will not tolerate expenditure budgets which are not important to be issued
which benefit one person in the office of the county government. He said only important budgets
will be allocated a sum of money for the budget expenditures
“No expenditure will be made unless it is for mandatory budgeting and planning. Such expenditures
must be brought into my attention as for the executive order number one of 2022.” Governor Lusaka
said at his office at Bungoma.
The governor made an important step, this is to make sure that there is no misuse of funds by the
county chief officers. It’s an earlier response the governor has made to cub officers who use public
money in corruption activities and grafting. The warning is clear to the other county officers who had
a thought of grafting budget expenditures in the county.
The people of Bungoma county had gained trust in governor Lusaka as they decided to elect him to
represent them well as the boss of Bungoma county. The people of Bungoma will gain confidence
and more trust for the governor as he has started delivering even before finishing 100 days in office.
This is the first address the governor has made at his office concerning issues affecting his
administration. He went out clear to even mention the names of the officers accused of graft
allegations. It means he is determined and focused to work hard in ensuring that the people of
Bungoma county get quality and sufficient needs and services. He was open and true to address the
issue showing that he is not hiding any wickedness in his office.
The same incidence has happened in Siaya county. James Orengo, the governor of Siaya county,
yesterday gave Joseph Ogutu and other county officers a mandatory leave in order to help in the
workforce for forensic audit of the county’s book. It is such a coincidence the head leaders of the
two counties have decided to suspend their county officers on matters concerning budget
Other counties should take a step like the ones took by the two counties in ensuring that there is
proper management of funds in the counties. It is high time for leaders to act fast and deliver for the
people what they promised their people during campaigns. It is easy said than done but leaders
governing counties should be at the far front in looking into issues concerning budget management
in the counties.

The national government through president William Ruto appointed cabinet secretaries to represent
different positions few weeks ago. Before they full take control of their positions, the president
show a keen eye in looking into the work done by the cabinets. Corruption and embezzlement of
funds is the main problem affecting our country. Steps took by Bungoma and Siaya counties should
set a good example to other counties and the National Government.

By James Chacha


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