“Kenyans needs to feel us and to feel our existence,“ Nancy Gathungu the Auditor General


The office of the auditor general held a meeting that aimed at taking war of grafts to another level this comes few days after the opening of the 13th parliament where two committees were formed to deal with issues of pending reports and bills the auditor general’s office has a primary role of ensuring accountability in public entities by auditing and reporting on how public resources have been used or managed this is according article 229 ( 6) of the constitution of Kenya. This is to ensure public resources are used and managed in a lawful and effective way other than for self-gains.

Hefty theft of public resources has been one of the most problems in Kenya and according to the corruption perceptions index 2021 out of 180 countries Kenya is ranked at number 128 . This has led to the office of the auditor general to call for a meeting that aimed at dealing with corruption on another level.

The meeting was attended by the interim director of the criminal investigations Hamisi Massa who called on leaders to stop politicizing the war against graft as this is a key hindrance to fight against corruption

“We are also proposing if it is possible for some of the institution that are notorious in reporting the same issues year in year out to be flagged out “said Hamisi Massa

The reports from the auditor general sometimes has been complex to digest and therefore the director of public prosecution Nordin Hadji has asked for capacity building for effective analysis of reports.

Capacity building entails developing, strengthening skills and processes that is need by an organization to grow and thrive.

George Ojowi the acting director in charge of investigations at the office of the Ethics and Anti-corruption suggested for the formation of task force that will be reviewing each entity that will aid in the fight against corruption.

Nancy Gathungu the auditor general has also called on stakeholders to ensure they accomplish their duties as stated by the constitution and to avoid making empty promises. This is after most of them are prone to renege on their statements concerning their duties.

“Kenyans needs to feel us and to feel our existence as for a reason ,this is our mandate as an auditing office and we can efficiently and effectively carry out our respective duties only when there is positive results to show to Kenyans “ said Nancy Gathungu.

The 13 th parliament has resolved to deal with matters concerning pending reports and bills as 2 committees has been formed to deal with this issues as opposed by the previous parliamentary committee which was not concerned with the reports from the auditor general.

By Emmaculate Wamalwa


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