There has been claims, especially from the truck drivers that the Ebola Surveillance at the Busia
border is really terrible. This is really worrying following the threat of the dangerous viral
disease that has so far claimed 23 lives in Uganda.

The concerns emerged after the government through the Ministry of Health assured citizens that
it has heightened surveillance at the border to curb the disease which has over 60 percent fatality

“Owing to these risks, Kenya needs to implement effective measures to prevent Ebola Viral
Disease outbreak spreading into the country including; stepping up surveillance for detection and
preparedness for appropriate response.” The Health Director General Dr. Amoth said.

The truck drivers said that there is laxity or lack of tension at the border as the customs and
security agencies are not handling the matter with seriousness and concern as expected of them.
They expressed worries that if the laxity continues, it will pose the country to the fatal disease
and many people will die of it.

The Ministry later said that they don’t have the capacity to offer the surveillance to the entire
“Even if you talk about surveillance, as a ministry we don’t have the capacity to offer
surveillance to all the entire border of Kenya and Uganda.” Dr. Amoth stated.

The Ministry of Health listed Nairobi and Mombasa as high-risk entry points. This is because
they host Jomo Kenyatta International airport and Moi International Airport. Dr. Amoth said that
at least a good number of people have been screened (18726).

The health care workers also raised concerns that the government should involve the health
stakeholders in planning the strategies. This is to ensure that the strategies are effective for
implementation. They complained that they are not involved.

Some health experts have said that the use of face masks can somehow help in preventing the
disease virus from attacking someone. This is because of the respiratory nature of the disease.
There are Uganda citizens who are in some parts of Kenya who have visited recently and whose
status are unknown. Kenyans are advised that at least face masks can help when interacting with
the Uganda citizens.

Concerning the face mask issue, the experts added that Kenyans should revive some of the Covid
19 measures or protocols that were put in place by the Ministry of health during the outbreak of
Corona Virus two years ago. For example, washing of hands or disinfecting hands, the social
distance rule and others.
It is high time that the government should be serious in handling the Ebola matter. This is to
assure Kenyans safety from the threats of the disease. This also includes the Ministry of Health
and any other health stakeholders involved.

By Calvin Angatia


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