(Story by Calvin Angatia)

Following the news about the outbreak of Ebola viral disease, residents at the Kenya-Uganda border have been expressing their fear of contracting the fatal disease due to the alleged ‘porous’ nature of the border where people come in and out of the country freely through shortcuts that are not guarded.
However, the government through the Ministry of Health has addressed the issue and they have come up with the measures to be implemented immediately so as to ensure that the disease does not come into the country. The AG Director General of the Ministry of Health Dr. Patrick Amoth addressed some of the measures WHICH  include: Screening of truck drivers, health care workers at border points, Rapid response teams set up to support suspected cases, Sensitization of communities to identify suspected cases and report, Prevention and response measures teams set up and County Ebola virus disease contingency plans developed.

In Malaba border, the truck drivers coming from Uganda are required to show documents of proof that they are not infected. The citizens from Uganda are registered as visitors by providing passports but there is no proof to indicate whether they are infected or not. This is too dangerous.

Investigations are ongoing in Uganda to show whether there are more infections. Kenyans are advised to be cautious about interacting with anyone from Uganda from the last three weeks and to report any symptoms suspected to be of Ebola. The symptoms include; Acute onset of fever, Vomiting, Abdominal pains, Diarrhea, Red eyes, Bleeding from body openings, Measles-like rashes.

Reports should be done through the Ministry of Health Hotline which is 0729471414 or


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