Cases of Kenyans disappearing on ways that cannot be explained have been on rise in the country since January this year. This has led to agony between family members not knowing the causes of their
kin vanish without trace.

Recorded Cases of enforced disappearances in the year 2021 added up to almost 219. Same to 2022, the number of disappearing cases on ways that cannot be explained has been on rise in the past months adding to at least 93 recorded cases and most cases are likely to be of men which is approximately 60%. Most cases have been reported for example a family from Majimbo Estate in Embu town are in agony following the mystery disappearance of their kin two weeks ago. According to the family ,Stanley Njiru a retired chief inspector of police vanished without trace on Friday ,early September, after boarding an Embu bound matatu ,since then efforts to reach him has been futile.


Another case is of a family in Samburu County, where their kin Solomon Lenegwesi a prominent business man in Nairobi went missing from the 8th of July after a business meeting at one of the hotels in Nairobi. According to Solomon’s sister, his car was stopped by people who introduced themselves as police officers. This being just a few cases among many the main challenge for many Kenyans is how this people disappear most of them citing they were taken by police officers. Most of the people still claim the government always drags their feet in findings and they therefore calls upon the government to take
the right interventions.

By Emmaculate Wamalwa


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