The National Hospital Insurance Fund(NHIF) has recently found itself in hot soup after claims
that it’s database has been deleted. The CEO, Dr. Peter Kamunyo has come out and said that the
information is fake.

The National Hospital Insurance Fund is a government state corporation which provides health
insurance to Kenyans. Their core business and mandate is to provide accessible, affordable,
sustainable and quality health insurance for all Kenyans. Recently, the NHIF has found itself in
hot soup after claims that the database dating back to 2019 has been deleted. This is so critical
because it means that information for all clients is gone. However, the CEO, Dr. Peter Kamunyo
has come out and announced that the information is null and void, meaning that the database is

There has been also claims of system failures in various hospitals which inconvenience patients.
The CEO said that they are trying so hard to improve their system and this will make it better for
their clients. Many clients have also complained about the fee as they want it reduced from 500
shillings to 300 or 320.

The NHIF has urged its clients to ignore the negative information across the social media
platforms and continue using their services for a better health experience. We recommend the
NHIF to work on their system to avoid another inconvenience.

By Calvin Nagatia


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