Speaking for the first time since the supreme court upheld president William Ruto’s
victory as the fifth president of the republic, the Azimio leader criticized
both the IEBC and the supreme court. Odinga said it was time to review the
constitution and tame the excesses of the IEBC and the judiciary.

He was angered by the judgement of the Supreme Court on his presidential election petition.
Odinga threatened a mass protest to disband the country’s apex court.

The Azimio leader insisted that the presidential elections results were hijacked,
manipulated and decided by foreigners. The supreme court dismissed the
consolidated petition against president William Ruto’s election as one founded
on forgeries it must be ashamed for subverting the will of the
people even after glaring loopholes in the election system. The fact that the
judiciary did away with the petition ever after he provided enough evidence
sparked Odinga’s fury.

Odinga sided with the four descending IEBC commissioners led by the vice chair of IEBC terming
them as patriots operating in a corrupt electoral agency.

The Azimio leader fired a warning shot at the commission CEO threatening his removal if he
tries to punish 4 commissioners within the commission.

By Marion Wafula


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