IEBC led by the chairman wafula chebukati, has been on the spot since the declaration of William Ruto as the president elect.

One of the questions that were raised is whether the president elect garnered a half of the total presidential votes cast, as one of the requirements, for him to be announced as the president elect

However, the iebc through the lawyers representing it in the supreme court, have responded to the allegations, and asked the court to dismiss it, after submitting their evidence on the total number of voter turnout

However, the lawyers also gave a detailed information as their submission, answering the question on the postponement of the gubernatorial elections in Kakamega and Mombasa, where there was allegations that it was a way of surprising the voter turnout in Odinga’s strongholds

On the issue of technology used by the iebc, the lawyers also addressed it and told the court that the system was firm and no unauthorized person logged into it, neither was is hacked

The lawyers also dismissed the allegations that some of the numbers in the iebc portal were added in favour of William Ruto, and said that a jpeg document cannot be converted into a csv amended on a form that has a watermark and signatures

The addition of numbers was also dismissed after the lawyers said that the final forms 34as at the polling station, were produced, signed and attached at the doors of each polling station.

By David Amani


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