While joining the world in remembrance of souls lost in unclear circumstances, especially in the hands of government’s law enforcement authorities, various stakeholders yesterday met in Nairobi’s kayole to remember all those who lost their lives,
especially in the hands of police officers.
statistics show an increase in the number of extra-judicial killings
in the recent days compared to previous years.
A majority of the disappearances happen in unclear
circumstances, with the victims mostly from slums being linked to
criminal acts despite being mere suspects.
Various stakeholders together with affected families, have now
called on the government to give more legal powers, to the
independent policing oversight authority (IPOA), for it to conduct
more fruitful investigations, against the police officers who get
involved in the unclear disappearances and killings of innocent
Police officers have however distanced themselves with the
claims, at the same time promising to do their best in conducting



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