The much anticipated roll out of the new digital number plates, is finaly here.
Interior cabinet secretary, Dr. Fred Matiang’i yesterday launched the new number
plates, equipped with security features to curb crime and motor vehicle theft
Some of the visible features include the kenyan flag, a ‘scannable’ hologram and a
serial number, that will correspond the vehicle’s chassis number, to profile the
vehicle and the owner.
All private and government-owned auto-mobiles, those used by diplomats,
international organizations, three-wheelers and even motor bikes, will have to
adopt the new generation plates.
It will cost vehicles 3,000 kenyan shillings to migrate to the new number plates,
while motor cycles will be charged 7 hundred and fifty kenyan shillings.

Matiang’i says, all motorists are required to replace the old number plates with
the new ones, within 18 months. These new plates which will be easily
identifiable to law enforcers, will also store information about the vehicle’s year
of manufacture, type and colour of the vehicle.
BY Jacob macheso


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