These three graves mark the end of the three children allegedly killed by their sister .the mounds of soil the only proof remaining that they ever lived the lives cut short in a span of two months and chillingly they all died under the care of their sister who police are detaining and will be arraigned in court today.

A few kilometres away lies this fleshly dug grave with wreaths on top still fresh.having lived for only 20 months baby Martin Kiogora’s body lies 6 ft under this mound  of earth ,two week ago the body went missing under the care of his cousin who police suspect of killing him after searching in vain for the toddler ,the search led them to this well the parents confirmed their fear.

The suspect’s family says she grew up as a well beheaved child. After the third child died under her watch the family sought divine intervention and took her to a religious leader hopping that she will be delivered of this evil happening ,her grandmother says the deaths have caused division in the family, she said she was accused of being a witch who caused deaths of her grandchildren

A weeks ago the suspect called her parents and told them she was unable to live with the guilt and confessed to being responsible for the murders.

While the suspects family and relatives are relied  that the truth has finally come out, they are grappling with the sad reality that their own flesh and blood  is capable of committing such horrific crimes.

By Diana Eboso


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