After a busy week of submission of evidence and affidavits before the supreme court, the court will now start another busy and tough week on wednesday, which will be a week of hearing the petitions before it. Today, the court is preparing a pre-election conference, to pave the way for the whole process from tomorrow

The seven judges led by the Chief Justice Martha Koome, will all be present on the hearing process, and everyone will be making his rulling, before the final one is made on monday the 5th of september. According to Ann Amadi, who is the registrar of the judiciary, there will be other judges from the common wealth countries, who will be observing the whole process, led by former Tanzania chief justice Mohammed Athman.

Milimani law courts, will be the centre of the hearing and rulling process of the presidential petition. The registrar says that there are other petitions from different people, who seek to be included in the whole process, but the rulling will be produced electronically.

Amadi has also said that, due to the space in the court, only a limited number of people will be allowed inside, which will also ease the hearing process.

BY David Amani


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