These little graves bearing the remains of the late Liam Gichuhi the first victim who died on 14th of July 2021 and Rachael Wanjiru the last victim who died on the 25th of September  2021 are set to be exhumed .
 In orders granted by senior resident magistrate Catherine Mburu at the kiambu law courts the DCI sought to have the remains exhumed and undergo a postmortem as part of the the ongoing investigation.
In a police statement recorded by the accused minor on the 26th of August accompanied by her parents, the 15 year old form one student accused of murdering her three siblings and her cousin, gave a harrowing account of how she executed the murder.
On 14th of July 2021 she a pillow over her brother Liam Gichuhi who was aged just one year and three months untill he stopped breathing once she confirmed that he was dead, she is covered with a blanket.
Three weeks later on the 7th of August 2921, she murdered her sister Valeria Muthoni aged 5 years by suffocating her with a pillow. In her confession, the accused who is the first born in a family of four children, three of whom she has confessed of killing, says she felt the pulse of her victim to confirm there was no pulse and she was indeed dead.
Six weeks later, on the 25th of September 2021, she confessed of killing her remaining sister Rachael Wanjiru who was seven and a half years by strangling her with her bare hands untill she stopped struggling. She then immersed her sister in a basin full of water before pouring hot water on her late sisters face.
On the 16th if August this year, she allegedly suffocated her 20 month old cousin Martin Kiogora with a pillow and later dumped his body at the well on the families compound.
In her signed confession at the police station seen by journalists, the minor says a strange feeling of strength comes upon her while she is commiting the murders and feels extremely excited after the henious acts.
The 15 year old girl is being held at the Kabete approved school and will undergo psychiatric evaluation ahead of her arraignment in court on 12th September 2022 , where she is expected to answer to charges of murder.

BY Diana Eboso


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