Constituency development fund illegal???

On Monday August 8th the supreme court declared the constituency development fund illegal and unconstitutional, for a period of one year.
The three judge bench of Justice Isaac Lenaola, Mumbi Ngugi and David Majanja found that the act has been operational unlawfully and said parliament should find a way to make amendments to the act.

And now, residents from Kakamega county are calling on the high court to return the CDF fund under the management of members of parliament since the fund is very key in development of constituencies.
” So many schools have been built using the CDF funds, some students get to pay their school fees using bursaries from the CDF funds, so what we are requesting is the government to bring back CDF since it is so helpful to us” 
” Some politicians spend money on their campaigns knowing that they will get the money back through the CDF funds, this CDF is a unifying factor among politicians, it should be brought back to unify members of parliament.” 
By Diana Eboso


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