Voters in Kakamega and Mombasa counties, Rongai, Kitui rural, Kacheliba and Pokot South
constituencies have been urged to turn out in large numbers and vote for their leaders. Other
electoral areas that have experienced low voter turnout today are Kwa Njenga ward in Nairobi
and Nyaki West.
Kakamega’a gubernatorial candidate under Azimio la Umoja coalition, Fernandes Barasa has
questioned the credibility of the polls in a number of polling stations, alleging voter bribery by
his political rivals. Fernandez also highlighted some stations where KIEMS kits failed, linking it to
the decrease in voter turnout.
In a meeting with the press, when asked if he will accept the election results, Barasa had This to
say, “I will accept if it is fare.”

In Rongai constituency, Raymond Moi who is seeking his re-election for the third time, has also
decried presence of elected leaders in polling stations, saying voters are being intimidated and
swayed, to vote for candidates in what he called illegal campaigns.
Jacob Macheso Tandao


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