Education secretary professor George   Magoha has unveiled a revamped National Education Managed Infortimation (NEMIS )  that will address the previous challenges of access to and ease of retrieval of crucial learners data.

In the new portal the ministry seeks to centralize all data in an effort to weed out corrupt activities   in the ministry of education .

“ for once we are coming to  a stage where nobody will claim that we took money to a school that does not exist… said jwan

The reengineered NEMIS portal  will allow both parents and teachers to participate in learner and school management, selection and admission  will be accessible via the portal as well.

It will also be possible for parents and other stakeholders to follow he management of budgeted programmes, view projects and how they are  managed as well as  verifying the registration status of the institution of learning their children study in.

“you know what happens where your child does not actually qualify using any affirmative action or ability to go to a certain school… said magoha

The portal will also intergrate with other stakeholder systems like the Kenya National Examinatios Council , The Teacher Service Commission , The National Hospital Insurance fund and the Kenya Institute of Curriculum development . A three month trial period of the revamped portal will be rolled out from Monday 29TH this month.

With only a few days remaining for Magoha to move out office, Magoha has called on the incoming administration to build on the gains made in the CBC system of education which transitions into junior secondary in January .

By Mary Wekesa


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