Non-communicable diseases accounting for upto  70% of deaths globally and in Kenya  39%deaths the ministry of health and AstraZeneca has donated innovation screening equipment to enable mentioned Medical research facilities to conduct various research with ease.

Trough retinal scanning the screening equipment will outshine the traditional methods  that were used to measure high blood pressure and diabetes  which is done by taking blood samples and as result presumed to be time consuming.

Hence it is hoped that through carrying out these procedures  for decteting the availability of such diseases  will be much easier as individuals’ retina ,which is a thin layer of cell at the back of the eye ball will be observed to test for presence of these diseases spontaneously

The machine however uses artificial intelligence  to predict the presence of these non-communicable diseases hence it will be much easier to get accurate results and keep proper records of patients which will also enhance proper followup better and improved medical services.

By Naema Celestine


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