silicon sponsorship limited (spotika) have withdrawn their sponsorship contract with  AFC Leopards  due to the breach of the agreement between them .

AFC Leorpads sports club entered into contract with the silicon solution limited (spotika) on 1st july 2022 and the term of contract was that spotika would pay 4 milion : 2 million at the excecution of the agreement and  2 million before 17th july 2022.

The club has been in compliance with the terms of agreement advertising spotikas products on all social media platforms and websites . Spotica paid the initial installment of 2 million . Despite several request by AFC leorpads , spotika refused and failed to pay the balance of 2 million either as agreement or at all . The clubs officials have tried to get a meeting with spotikas officials but their efforts landed on deaf ears .

As a result of the breach of the agreement by spotika , the club has been unable to honour its financial commitment to players , staff and suppliers , further the club has ambition to strengthen its squad during the transfer window . All this facts were within spotikas knowledge . spotikas conduct has rendered this impossible .

Consequently , the club has made a resolution to rescind the agreement with immediate effect . The club wishes the company well in its future endevours .



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